• Vancouver Science World

    When your ‘Dark Passenger’ travels along

    I have always said that travelling is one of the greatest opportunities you can get for personal growth and fighting (some) of your mental battles. I still believe that is true, especially for shorter periods of up to two months or so. Yet, my perspective on longer-term travelling and coping with mental health problems has changed over the last couple of months. When I left Berlin in September (5 months ago at the time of writing!), my mental state was stable and I felt ready to take on anything that would come my way. You could hear the world tremble at the prospect. During the ten weeks I spent in…

  • Jon and Vany in Sen Monorom

    Exploring Cambodia with Local Guides

    Before going to Cambodia, I never really had a local guide to show me around. To be honest, I never really thought about the benefits that much, instead I thought “Oh wait, pay $[x] more to get someone to show me the sights or give me a tour? Nah, I’m fine.” I am still travelling on a budget, so I understand if you are having similar thoughts. But, deciding to get a local guide has made my Cambodia travels so much more special, and I can only recommend it to everyone. Spend those extra dollars, and you’ll be rewarded with extra special memories. We tried different kinds of guides during…