• Campfire

    This is supposed to be hard

    In a few hours, I will be boarding a plane to leave Vancouver and make my way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I got six months of traveling through Southeast Asia ahead of me. But it’s a bittersweet feeling. To be honest, it’s more bitter than sweet right now. I see that as a very positive thing though. I fell in love here, with the city. Even on my bad days here, I still felt extremely lucky to call this place my new home. I walked along the Seawall, watched the waves crash, looked at the mountains, and thought to myself “This is it. This is what I’ve been looking for.”…

  • Let's talk about drugs.

    Time for a new perspective

    Before I start, I know some of you will not wholly agree with what I have to say, and that’s perfectly fine. Comment on this post and give counter-arguments if you wish, because what I’m writing here is about getting a conversation started, and inviting other perspectives in. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. That is if you keep away from Downtown Eastside, which is like nothing I have ever seen before. This area has a very high population of marginalized people – the homeless, drug addicts, and the mentally or physically ill. When compared to the rest of Vancouver, the area shows a…

  • Lighthouse Park

    It’s not just rainbows & butterflies

    When I started this blog, I told myself that this will not fall into the category of “glossed over versions of reality.” I think there is enough of that out there, and it is not really helping anyone. Instead I want to be completely honest. Today, I want to share what it is like to move to the other side of the world with anxiety and while recovering from an eating disorder. I will not describe any details, as I do not want to trigger anyone. To be clear, this is just my personal experience, and does not apply to everyone out there. If you would like to share your experiences…

  • YVR x BER

    Vancouver x Berlin

    Last weekend marked my “one month in Vancouver” milestone, which made me think about how this city is different from my home city of Berlin. First, I should say I absolutely love Berlin. For me, it is the greatest city in the world. It is really hard to compete with that. However, I could not stay in Berlin anymore because, although I love the city with all my heart, I needed a break from its people. Berliners are rude, unfriendly, grumpy, always in a rush, and complain a lot (not all of them obviously, there are amazing people as well). As I have gone through a lot of personal changes…

  • Techno

    Techno – balm for my soul, fuel for my academic career.

    If you are serious about your academic path, being in university and keeping up with all the coursework is time-consuming, and sometimes overwhelming. If you also have a job at the same time. It is far too easy to lose yourself in work. There’s always something you could be working on, because as a student you don’t really get to have a break. Reading, research, exams, papers, presentations, and the list could go on and on. The same holds true for anyone, who is ambitious, and dedicated to their job. It’s just that the small print is different. Last year, I got to a point where I was ready to…

  • Lisa Matthias

    Why I decided to publish my Master’s thesis

    A little over a month ago, I published my Master’s thesis (you can read about it here). Special thanks to the amazing team at ScienceOpen, who made it all possible and painless. I will write about the publishing process another time. One reason why I wanted to publish my thesis was that, realistically, nobody really cares about thesis grades later on in your career, but a publication gives you credibility. Master’s degrees are relatively common these days, but a publication will help you stand out from other candidates when you apply for jobs. Besides, it shows your future employers that you are hard-working, determined, and dedicated. Because let’s be honest,…