• We Will Not Be Silent by TWLOHA

    Lifting the Bell Jar: Zoloft

    For Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought it was about time that I put my experiences with Zoloft into words. Because to be honest, it was a blog post like this that encouraged me to look into treatment options and make an appointment with my doctor. What is anxiety like? I could write whole books about my anxiety, but I will pin it down in ten points. As with everything in life there are good and bad days, so the following points can occur all at the same time; they can last for days or weeks; they can happen individually; or not be there at all. Everybody experiences anxiety differently,…

  • Spotlight

    Conference World Debut: Oh hi, anxie— err excitement!

    I just came back from my first *real* conference (one that was directly related to my work and passion), and it was incredible and overwhelming. I was super excited when I got invited to the Open Science Fair in Athens. First Open Science conference, first time in Greece, first poster presentation. Before I left for the conference a couple other firsts got added to that list: first conference talk and I landed my first job right before the conference. All of these things were a huge confidence boost and made me even more excited to go, yet feelings of excitement and anxiety lie really close together. So, my mind kind…

  • Vancouver Science World

    When your ‘Dark Passenger’ travels along

    I have always said that travelling is one of the greatest opportunities you can get for personal growth and fighting (some) of your mental battles. I still believe that is true, especially for shorter periods of up to two months or so. Yet, my perspective on longer-term travelling and coping with mental health problems has changed over the last couple of months. When I left Berlin in September (5 months ago at the time of writing!), my mental state was stable and I felt ready to take on anything that would come my way. You could hear the world tremble at the prospect. During the ten weeks I spent in…

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    Open Science-ing in Chiang Mai

    As some of you know, Jon and I are travelling through Southeast Asia at the moment. We always try to find things to do that lead away from the typical ‘tourist trail’, and let us connect with the local people and environment to experience Thailand (for now) on a deeper level. It is also very important for us to live our passions wherever we go, because only then can we fully be our authentic selves. Instead of doing the usual and just touring the temples of Chiang Mai, we wanted to make an impact here, and share our love for all things Open Science. Jon and I were lucky enough…

  • Campfire

    This is supposed to be hard

    In a few hours, I will be boarding a plane to leave Vancouver and make my way to Chiang Mai, Thailand. I got six months of traveling through Southeast Asia ahead of me. But it’s a bittersweet feeling. To be honest, it’s more bitter than sweet right now. I see that as a very positive thing though. I fell in love here, with the city. Even on my bad days here, I still felt extremely lucky to call this place my new home. I walked along the Seawall, watched the waves crash, looked at the mountains, and thought to myself “This is it. This is what I’ve been looking for.”…

  • Lighthouse Park

    It’s not just rainbows & butterflies

    When I started this blog, I told myself that this will not fall into the category of “glossed over versions of reality.” I think there is enough of that out there, and it is not really helping anyone. Instead I want to be completely honest. Today, I want to share what it is like to move to the other side of the world with anxiety and while recovering from an eating disorder. I will not describe any details, as I do not want to trigger anyone. To be clear, this is just my personal experience, and does not apply to everyone out there. If you would like to share your experiences…