• Double America 2 by Glenn Ligon

    CfP GSNAS 2019: American Ambiguities

    As part of the PhD journey at the Graduate School of North American Studies, my cohort gets to organize a conference next year. We just put out the Call for Papers and are excited to read your submissions! For more information, check out our conference website. A M E R I C A N  A M B I G U I T I E S: I S   N O W   T H E   E R A   O F   O U R   D I S C O N S E N T ? Whatever happened to consensus? In the wake of World War II, the United States came to occupy what many proponents…

  • Spotlight

    PhD Application: Statement of Purpose

    It’s part of my daily ritual. My phone lights up, notifying me about the newest Google Scholar Alerts. I open the e-mail and scan through the latest published research articles in political science, and feel a rush of excitement as my curiosity is repeatedly sparked. Digesting article after article, my desire to do research and ask my own questions to better understand the world we live in grows stronger. This is why I want to pursue a doctoral degree at the Political Science department at the John-F.-Kennedy-Institute (JFKI) at Freie Universität Berlin. My primary research interests lie in media framing. In particular, I want to investigate partisan media’s framing of…