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    Mass shootings won’t change gun policies.

    Reading the news yesterday morning, I found out about another shooting in the US – a tragedy that seemingly happens every couple weeks now. When I then looked at different news sources on Twitter and how people responded to the news, all I could think was ‘these people are talking past each other with no chance of reaching their opponents’. The reason for this was, seeing that gun policy is a highly ideological and polarizing topic, that each party made their case from their own perspective based on their personal values. Think of a disagreement you had with a friend. Maybe your friend wanted you to see the new Thor…

  • Echo Chamber

    Facebook and the Echo Chamber of Secrets

    Since the 2016 election kicked off, the term ‘echo chamber’ has been dropped more times than Casey Neistat has dropped his camera over the course of his vlog. The concept of an echo chamber describes a closed system, where information, beliefs, and/or opinions that comply with personal preferences are augmented and reinforced. Opposing views, however, are often marginalized or neglected from any sort of thought process or aspect of life. Being exposed to highly one-sided information that strengthens personal beliefs, while other perspectives are underrepresented, can decrease our understanding of different perspectives immensely, and even undermine our willingness and necessity to try to understand the ‘other side’. An even greater…