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    Research tools that make your life easier

    I had some fun over at Real Scientists DE this week and wanted to use this opportunity to ask researchers, which tools they find the most useful to add to my list. GitHub |R Markdown |Unpaywall | Zotero | Overleaf | ORCiD | Google Scholar Alerts and Feedly | Preprint Servers/Repositories | Podcasts | Twitter 1. GitHub What it is: GitHub is “a web-based hosting service for version control using Git” (Wikipedia). An open source alternative would be GitLab (here’s a comparison of the two). Why it’s great for research: It increases research reproducibility and transparency, facilitates collaboration, enables you to get feedback early on (or whenever you’re ready for it). GitHub takes…

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    When is science credible?

    *** This article was originally posted on the OpenAIRE Blog *** The overarching goal of science is to deepen our understanding about the world we live in, and then to use this understanding, for example, to address social or medical problems. However, in order to pursue those goals effectively and efficiently, the scientific findings we base our actions on have to be credible. But how can we assess the credibility of research? Is a going through peer review enough, or being published? What if the study made it into in a “high-ranking” journal? Is that enough to deem findings credible? At best these are proxy indicators, at worst entirely false…

  • Scientoons by Armin Mortazavi

    Scientoons are my new favorite thing!

    One of the coolest regular events I attended while in Vancouver was Nerd Nite, where self-confessed ‘nerds’ share their projects and stories. On my first Nerd Nite, I learned about Scientoons – cartoons about science. Although younger audiences are just as important as older ones, I feel like they are often left out when it comes to our science communication efforts. Cartoons are a great way to spark kids’ interest in science, and can make learning much more appealing to them. They’re a great way of breaking down potential generational barriers, as well as bringing out the inner kid in older audiences too. I immediately fell in love with the…