Hi there!

My name is Lisa Matthias, and I recently finished my master’s in North American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. My primary research interest is media studies, which means that I take a closer look at the way different media outlets cover issues and instances.

I am passionate about open science, travelling, and food. I strongly believe knowledge only becomes valuable when it is shared. This is why research and other educational resources should be available and accessible to anyone, who wants to educate themselves. A different form of learning is to travel. I love exploring new places, diving into other cultures, and collecting new experiences. One of my favorite ways of getting to know other cultures is through the local cuisine. For me, food comes from the heart, it brings us closer to the people around us, and gives us a very different, a more intimate, sense of them.

This blog features “Spotlight” posts, which shed light on the polictical sphere from the media’s perspective, but also include open science-y pieces. “Campfire” stories share my personal experiences and passions. Feel free to get in touch with me!

Email: l.a.matthia@gmail.com
Twitter: @l_matthia